Our host system is a complex collection of nine Distinct Individuals (D.I.); four of whom are in a current lunar rotation. This simply means that between the full moon and the new moon, the host is primarily female; conversely between the new and full moons, the host is primarily male. This co-conscious way of life has been the case since the hosts’ birth. The system is known to all internals as ‘The Collective’ and even though the host body is male, the D.I.’s are all quite different to the outward appearance, as is outlined in the short bios below:

Author Bios:

Dawn Rayne : – a 26 year old straight female who is our main editor of all written collaborations. She has been described as strong willed, flouncy yet eccentric, with a penchant for all things purple…and shoes. Lots of shoes.

Roxy-Anne (Rox) : – a 33 year old pan female who likes the darker things in life; mainly her make up and clothing. She is a motivator, a doer and a planner. Her Gothic exterior and her interest in the spirit world helps with balancing out our ‘femme’ side.

Michael Willis (Mick) : – a 36 year old straight male who embraces his role as husband, father and protector of not only his family, but of all the internals. His Defence background shines through in his meticulous and decisive manner.

Syd Withawhy : – a 15 year old straight male who openly admits to being addicted to both Lego and Nutella. An intelligent teenager with a genius level IQ, Syd spends his time equally between writing, solving and constructing intricate puzzles.

The four individuals listed above are also current authors; each contributing their own chapters, poems and monologues to our current projects. While their styles may differ, the polishing to the final products delivered by Dawn ensure that the stories that become available are not only heartfelt and real, but they are the best they can possibly be. Please delve into what we have all created so far, so you can discover for yourself that living with Healthy Multiplicity really is a blessing, not a disorder.