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Just Released:

A collection of short stories and monologues plucked from the minds of four ‘Distinct Individuals’
A personal journey into the system that is: The Collective.

Novels available now:

With Northern Australia on the brink of war, Michael must battle psychotic siblings to save his beloved country from an invisible yet imminent attack…
ICE is a serial thriller, a novel in 4 parts.
Caught in a dangerous game with the Devlin brothers, Michael and Remmi must trail a killer that they inadvertently helped back into the country…
ICE is a serial thriller, a novel in 4 parts.
In the frame and on the run, Michael and Remmi team with an Admiral and his daughter to protect the encryption key from a cartel’s relentless assassin…
ICE is a serial thriller, a novel in 4 parts.
When his wife and her lover are found murdered, Naval Officer Michael Willis finds himself unwittingly involved in an underworld plot against Australia…
ICE is a serial thriller, a novel in 4 parts.

Poetry available now:

The Dead End anthology crept from the author’s cortex during publication of the first collection.
Solitary solutions to Global problems.
An honest account of life, social stigma and addiction.
The Dead Drop anthology oozed from every orifice during the author’s lifelong battle with identity and depression.
An honest account of life, mental illness and addiction.

Coming in 2021:

It is the mid sixteenth century and the kin of folklore are about to embark on their own voyage of legend. Hansel and Gretel’s younger brother, Noah; Snow White’s daughter, Orchid, and Rapunzel’s twins, Lena and Markus, are brought together to help defeat an enemy of supernatural proportions.
Along with a shape shifting guide from another universe, these four teenagers must use their own unique skills to battle the Ice Witch and save the future of folklore.
After spending all their lives in the shadow of their famous kin, the foursome soon discover that their own destiny is definitely no fairy tale…
The highly anticipated sequel to ‘ICE – The Serial Thriller’
‘There are 1 0 types of people in this world; those who understand binary, and those who don’t.’
‘The Collective’ – our story; our journey; our life.
An alternate-biography.